Sunday, November 15, 2009


How long will this last?

I went to the beach today :D
Just had to get our of these four walls.
Awefully sunny today but just as the sun was down,
it was freezing.

I'm sipping on a cup of tea.
haha, yeah, teas are boring stuff.
They bore me too. Oh well,
it still keep me warm at least.

I feel awefully repetitive to keep saying this,
but the stars here are amazing.
There's a place i go almost every night
just to look at them. I lie there with my ipod
and, seriously, i fear all the time, i might fall asleep.

It's something i wish to look at all the time.
Sadly it only happens after dark.
My mum wont let me out, soooo protective ;(

Sunsets are just mesmerizing.
If only i could count all the different shades of colours.


I shall share this sky with all of you,
once i get a medium to take a photograph of it.

I promise guys : D

-Loves, Yuuuuri.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Just as i've promised, lyrics people :D

I've got a confession tonight,
hold your breath hold it tight.
No more hesitating, you're right here by my side.
I've got a confession tonight,
Hold your stance it's a bumpy ride,
& give me your hand.
I'll take you far away to a place,
stand in the cold in the pouring rain.
Give me your hand..
I'll take you far,
no one's around, come closer now.
Take my hand.
My knees are giving up on me now,
palms are sweaty and my voice won't make a sound.
You'd think i'm crazy but,
you slip your fingers right next to mine
gaze down at me and hold me tight,
and you say.
You took me me far away to a place,
we're in the cold in the pouring rain.
You took my hand.
You took me far, no one's around
I'm close to you now, it's okay.
Don't you worry my dear,
cause you're under my umbrella.
Don't you ever worry my dear,
cause you're under my umbrella.
Had a confession tonight,
but he didn't say a word,
did'nt make a sound..
He just took my hand.
Simple, but i like it. Goodnight bitches, i'll blog tomorrow, hopefully.
Hugs & Kisses - Yuri

Monday, November 9, 2009


Give me one moment of savory,
I'm feeling incredibly generous with my words today,
and so,
I'm back to blogging since my last post which seems like
a few years ago :D
I'm piqued. Something about blogging brought my attention back to writing down my thoughts instead of just letting them run in my head. Credits to Thing Sim Kuan, her blog is is yeah, uber taylor-licious but trust me, it's addicting. Second, to Miss Triple Y. Her blog was the main reason i'm doing this at the moment which made me realize how selfish i was with typing out a few words.
Conclusion! Me is back to flaunt my imaginations and thoughts. You're very welcome to leave too. :D
WAIT, NO. STAY! I've got lots to share :D
I'm really having issues with my mum these days over my-oh-so tomboy-ish attitude. I decided to list down what i think she thinks is wrong with myself OR seems to be wrong with me through her eyes ; Hitch & Explanation.
  • 1. I NEVER flush the toilet bowl - The thing is, i don't flush not because i don't want to. I just..don't want to :D
  • 2. I chew like a boy - ???? Don't ask. I can't even grasp it myself.
  • 3. I can't sit with my legs closed - THAT right there is not a problem dear readers, i think we have the liberty to sit however we choose. Agree?
  • 4. I'm filthy - HAHA, hands down i agree on that.
  • 5. Biting my nails - Can't blame me, it's genetic. I got it from my dad and i play guitar, i can't afford to have purrrtyly manicured fingernails. My hand is perfectly stunning as it is with it's rotting side effects. It's what you call being specialll.
  • 6. Socks - Long story short, my feet are like ice bricks. They're uber cold. So, i have socks on 24/7 which means your'e likely to find socks everywhere in my room. Be it under my pillow, in my drawer or between my books, while my mum goes assuming the reducing pairs of socks are being stolen. Logically, people would choose to buy them.
  • 7. My handwriting - Aweful. I repeat, just aweful. Sorry! I can't fix that unless someone offers me a new set of arms.
  • 8. Friends -Preferably having to have boys around instead of girls. Not always, just most of the time. My mum thinks i can't socialize with girls. Boo hoo :D There's just less drama around, don't you think?
I guess, we're back to square one.
Oh well, it's getting late.
I've got school tomorrow, and i've left a video project to finish
about our melting Earth.
- Beef

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I woke up early.

My bed was gonna be taken away.
Spent the rest of the morning on hard solid floor.
My back aches.

I've got 12 hours left on my clock and i can't believe i'm wasting my time like this. Supposed to catch breakfast with Ru Yuan but, i'm not too sure if she's willing to wake up. I'm going to school later, retrieve some newspaper article.

Meeet my bitches!
I'm going to have lunch with Yen Yi.
She's as exited as i am to see our ugly faces.

Who knew 12 hours could be so short?
After i come back, i'll have to shower, get ready.
Maybe clean the house, pack the rest of the leftovers.

I'm off at 8.
Reach about 9.
Officially goodbye Malaysia at 11.45.

It's going to be a long trip all the way to my dad's place.
Still, i get to see my brother this Sunday!
We're getting a special visit, and that's about a 7 Hour drive from Seoul.
Still worth it.

I miss Yen Yi.
I miss Sara.
I miss Sim Kuan.
I miss myself wearing a Petronas Uniform.

I miss my ugly toad.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Only if i could.

I need more time, dick-head.

But i ain't got any.


The closest around you always seem to hurt you most.
I feel guilty. I don't know if I'd done any wrong. Still, it feels like my bad.

I remember their names & their faces.


I didn't get at least a week of my last few days here.
Not even a week and not even the week before.
They hardly ever call. Can't blame them, i never did either.

*I pick up the phone and right before i dial, i hesitate.

What if the convo gets boring?
They'd probably have better things to waste their time on.
But then again, it could be fun.
Nah, nevermind, they'd call if they need something.
But, they don't.

*Puts down the phone. Stare blankly.

Let's just try.

*Rings, some bitch goes on; " The number you have dialled is not available..."
Trust me, i can go on. I memorised what they recite. Sobs.

Gah, I'm such a loner.

I wished i could've at least spent this week with you bitches.
Instead, i met new people and went around seeking closure.
In fact, i did, just not with you.

I feel so distant.
Their presence seems to fade.
I can vaguely recall their voices.
I don't deserve the title bitch anymore.
I don't know if i still am beef.

Help me.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Bitch, im out of black sesame.
You know what that means, right?

I'm not liking this AT ALL.
I'm gonna look like ghandi.